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The purpose creates the machine

                                                                     -Arthur Young

Who We Are

Flare Dynamics embodies the objective of delivering dynamic solutions through design and innovation.

Turn your dream into a reality

Flare Dynamics is an Aerospace Precision Engineering firm specialising in the arena of Unmanned Systems and Composite Materials. Founded by individuals with diverse engineering disciplines, Flare Dynamics ensures the most objective yet versatile solutions for the world’s needs.

The engineering and design team has multiple years of experience on both conventional unmanned designs, as well as experimental platforms.

Turn your dream into a reality

The multi-faceted competency in mechanical, electronic, programming and design disciplines allows us to provide the optimum solution for any requirement.

We are the professionals in:​

  • UAV/USV Design and Fabrication

  • Unmanned Aerial and Surface Solutions

  • Advanced Composite Design and Fabrication

  • Educational and Experimental Equipment

  • Professional UAS Test Operations Provider and System Integrator

What We Do

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