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Keep an i on things, rain or shine

The Rapide-i4 is a Weatherproof Autonomous Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) that provides users with an information gathering system for Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR).

The Technological edge

Developed with Adverse Operating Scenarios and Payload Carrying Capability in mind, the Rapide-I UAS has been designed from the ground up with State-of-the-Art Propulsion and Navigation sub-systems. The design encompasses advanced composite manufacturing techniques to attain the extremely low operating weight, without sacrificing flight performance. The highly efficient propulsionary elements ensure extended operating durations.

Advanced Attitude/Altitude Algorithms, coupled with real-time GPS data, allows for intuitive “Point & Go” Autonomous Waypoint Planning and Flight with minimal training. Flight Batteries are fully field swappable by the user during the operations, which provides the ability for Round-the-Clock Reconnaissance with additional Flight Batteries.

The Rapide-i4 is controlled with the option of the COMMAND ONE.1 Ground Control Station (GCS). This provides users with a full turn-key ground command system via the Command-in-Control (CiC) system for real-time navigation and control. Integrated within the COMMAND ONE.1 is a full suite of communications, display and charging arrays to ensure full status coverage. Also provided is the Refuel.One Complete Charging system that allows for multiple concurrent charging of air elements. This ensures minimal downtime between deployments.

The Sensory edge

flir image.jpeg

With the Open Payload Bay Architecture, users have the option of mounting various optical or detection devices on a 2-3 axis dynamically stabilized gimbal. This ensures that all data is vibration and perturbation free. Available in both EO/IR options, the Rapide-i4 provides users with uncompromised Day/Night visual surveillance capabilities with stabilization.

The All-weather edge

The Rapide-i4 UAV is a fully weatherproof system. With ever changing climate conditions, the need for operational readiness in all weather conditions is the primary driving force for its design. The Monocoque airframe design is constructed with Aerospace Carbon Fibre and Aircraft Grade Aluminium that is optimised for Aerial applications. All critical components are housed within the airframe, safe from the elements.

Decisively Designed and Optimized


  • Weatherproof Airframe

  • Highly Efficient Propulsion System for Enhanced Endurance

  • Small operating footprint for portability

  • User Friendly Interface with Autonomous Navigation

  • Swappable Flight Battery for constant surveillance

  • Real-time EO/IR Video downlinks with HD options

  • Encrypted and Frequency Hopping Control Communications

  • Refuel One Charging System for concurrent charging

  • Flight Endurance: Up to 36mins per battery swap

  • Wind Speed Tolerance: 10m/s sustained

  • Cruise Speed: Up to 10m/s

  • Operating Temperature: -5°C to +50°C

  • Control Range: Up to 2KM with option for Range Enhancement

  • Dimension Deployed: 89.8cm X 89.8cm X 30cm

  • Weight: EO – 4.5Kg, IR – 4.6Kg

  • Optics Resolution: EO: 1080p 30 FPS HD COLOUR IR: 320 x 240 9 FPS THERMAL

  • Launch/Recovery Modes: Manual Assist/Automated

  • Flight Modes: Manual Assist/Guided/Auto Waypoint Navigation

  • Fail-Safes: Automated Return to Home/ Emergency Landing

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