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Where the tactical advantage matters

The Discrete-I is a Tactical Autonomous Micro Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) that provides users with a covert information gathering system for Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR).

The Technological edge

Developed with convert operating scenarios and safety as paramount considerations, the Discrete-I UAS has been designed from the ground up with State-of-the-Art Propulsion and Navigation sub-systems. The design encompasses advanced composite manufacturing techniques to attain the extremely low operating weight, without sacrificing flight performance. Wind Speed tolerance has been successfully tested up to 8m/s constant. The highly efficient propulsion elements ensure a low audible signature for covert applications.

Advanced Attitude/Altitude Algorithms, coupled with real-time GPS data, allows for intuitive “Point & Go” Autonomous Waypoint Planning and Flight with minimal training via the Command-in-Control (CiC) system. Flight Batteries are fully field swappable by the user during the operations, which provides the ability for Round-the-Clock Reconnaissance with additional Flight Batteries. Also provided is the Refuel.One Lite Complete Charging system that allows for multiple concurrent charging of ground and air elements. This ensures minimal downtime between deployments.

The Sensory edge

flir image.jpeg

The Discrete-I, available in both EO/IR options, provides users with uncompromised Day/Night visual surveillance capabilities. The Discrete-I EO incorporates an ultra-low light sensor that allows users to monitor situations from the air even in minimal ambient light conditions. The Discrete-I IR is the smallest UAS in the world that incorporates a full range FLIR uncooled core with a Human detection range of up to 640m, and vehicular detection range of up to 1950m. The option of different lenses can be defined by the user.

Tested from a free-fall operating height of 200ft, the Discrete-I, with its compliant Carbon-Fibre Shock Absorbing Shroud Design and low-weight, provides an ultra-low risk alternative to other Unmanned Systems. The Carbon-Fibre Shroud also allows the Discrete-I to be used safely indoors by minimising risk of propeller damage due to impact with property.

19mm lens.png

Decisively Designed and Optimized


  • Ultra Lightweight

  • Small operating footprint for portability

  • User Friendly Interface with Autonomous Navigation

  • Swappable Flight Battery for constant surveillance

  • Real-time EO/IR Video downlinks

  • Encrypted and Frequency Hopping Control Communications

  • Refuel One Lite One-Stop Charging System for concurrent charging

  • Flight Endurance: Up to 15mins per battery swap

  • Wind Speed Tolerance: 8m/s sustained

  • Cruise Speed: Up to 10m/s

  • Operating Temperature: -5°C to +50°C

  • Control Range: Up to 500m

  • Dimension Deployed: 20.5cm X 19.8cm X 7.4cm

  • Weight: EO – 230g, IR – 250g

  • Optics Resolution: EO: 640 x 480 30 FPS COLOUR IR: 320 x 240 9 FPS THERMAL

  • Launch/Recovery Modes: Manual Assist/Automated

  • Flight Modes: Manual Assist/Guided/Auto Waypoint Navigation

  • Fail-Safes: Automated Return to Home/ Emergency Landing


Length: 196.77 mm

Width: 203.50 mm

Height: 77.95mm

discrete i diagram.png
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